Part of a Identity Profile Series


Kinley radiates a ray of warmth as you approach her on any given day; she is shy, yet inviting. Her presence embodies grace and beauty. Without any effort, Kinley emits kindness and a gentle embrace to any person she comes in contact with. As a classmate and an editor in chief in Yearbook, Kinley shares all of the same qualities. She leads a classroom as though she is conversing with her close friends; the environment, the aura surrounding it accentuates love. While investigating Kinley's room I discovered her internal qualities neatly sorted in her quaint room. Her vintage scarves hang methodically next to her record player, radiating the sweet vibrations of Ed Sheeran. The soft and gentle spirit of Kinley rests within the furred touch of a bean-bag, the dimmed glimmer of the fairy lights, and the petaled, pink roses dispersed throughout her room.