The question “who are you” has always been difficult for me to answer. I don’t necessarily have one personality. At times, I can also be reserved to stray away from the abundant packs of people. Sometimes, rather, I am the outgoing cross country runner exploding with laughter alongside her teammates. However, at heart, I’m an artist; an artist who feels free alongside some soothing Grateful Dead and the riveting blues licks of Freddie King. My morals are grounded from the music I listen to and the art I admire. 

        My name is Maddie Provost and I am an 18 year old New York based photographer/photojournalist. For nearly five years I have been exploring the art of photography. I enjoy everything genre of photography from collage based mixed media to editoral. I am currently at NYU Tisch School of the Arts studying Photography and Imaging. 

        Outside of photography, I enjoy playing guitar and running. 

Hippie, feminist, activist, photographer